Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food for Thought


Lately I have been ponder over this space and my creative doings.

It all started with my Ravelry account, actually. At that time one did ask for an invited and it took a few weeks till one got an email of acceptance- I got mine on my birthday three years ago. I stated reading several knitting blogs- and upon advice of several knitters I stared my own. It so happened that I just got totally inspired by the rock pools in False Bay. To document this I used my little Nikon Coolpix- which was the beginning of my discovery journey of photography.
So here I am three years later. I started knitting since then, bought a better camera, taken thousands of photos, still making jewellery and finding my inspirations from my surroundings. But also I am wondering where to go from here....
My biggest problem I always encountered is that I am fairly alright in many things but not exceedingly good in anything. Since I can think I have been searching for the thing I am good in- until a few years ago that is. I had told a friend about my dilemma and she laughed and said- but we all like that it is only the very few who are exceedingly good at one thing, they called geniuses.... So I just went with the flow.
The flow brought me amazingly new skills and discoveries. And left me with some question marks.
Is it ok not to have a completely marked out carrier? Where do I go next? Can one somehow unite all these different skills or bring the somehow together?
For now I have decided to make a little list with some resolutions and goals. And more importantly to simply accept the fact that I am a little jack-of-all-trades and enjoy my creative goings not matter what.
Now coming to the subject of my blog... it is a total reflection of me creatively. So a jack-of-all-trades. I tried to bring some more structure into it...but every time I do, I feel rather stuck. My question: is it interesting that I blog about photos, food, colours,knitting, jewellery and who knows what?! A blog with the only aim to document what inspires me and what is happening creatively at the moment? Still pondering about the blogging thing... let me know what you think!

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avant garde design said...

hi, those look completely delish! and yes, it's more than ok that you blog about anything and everything, it makes for us readers an interesting place to come to. don't compare or align yourself with any other blog, they are all different and for different reasons. yours is unique in its own way. so is mine. i have been actually trying to lean towards posting not just about product but other things i'm enjoying, like wishing i was in mykonos! and no, i'm not in mykonos (i wish!) and if i ever do head yoru way, i'll make a point of getting together! you can bet on it ;)


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