Monday, June 13, 2011

Review of my Week

Review of my Week # 23

# W23

It was the week of Girl Power. I spent most of my free time with my girlfriends, which is exactly what I needed.
I also managed to get a few long (5-8km) walks in. They are my insomnia remedy! Now I discovered it, I simply can't believe how easy the remedy is and wonder what took me so long to find it.
On the other hand lots of hammering and patinating was done. And I got the hands to show for it! - cuts, bruises and yellow finger nails (from nitric acid) - and all in one day... I promised myself I shall take more care of my fingers this week.
I actually printed some of my instragram pics- and am really amazed how nice they actually look - decided they would look gorgeous mounted on wood..... guess this week I am trying to work out how i could do that - any tips?


Cindy said...

glad you are sleeping better and mounting your pics on wood sounds great. they're certainly beautiful enough.

camaca said...

No tips but a claim: shot it when you made it!


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