Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Golden Light

The lovely winter weather we had -up until today- inspired me get out there and enjoy the amazing surroundings of the City. One day it was the sea shore the next the mountain... whatever I just fancied. The thing that every year strikes me... winter is rather colourful. (Quite unlike Heidiland) There are amazing Proteas blooming and other flowers whose names I sadly don't know. The other thing that is just amazing is the light. At this time of the year I often switch to monochrome - the low angle of the sun produces beautiful shadows and reflections without the starkness that we have during summer. But it also gives everything a wonderful golden glow- especially in the afternoon....


camaca said...

love that composition with the color palette!

Cindy said...

yes, we have bright somewhat harsh light now (i just wrote a post about it, too) and i must say your 'winter' doesn't look like ours. i love your new banner!


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