Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review of my Week

Review of my Week # 14

Week # 14

While the week started really great-a hike to lion head first thing Monday morning, girl brunch on Tuesday- Most of it was a bit of a drag, because I got some annoying tummy bug ...
I managed to ignore my illness for a bit, get on with some work and take advantage of the great weather to snap a few good pics walking round the city... so glad I did- with camera in hand I always discover fun and interesting new things I somehow overlooked before
Finally at the end of the week, I had to admit to being not well and took some time off to retreat and rejuvenate.
Now it's back to normal just as soon as I caught up with the tons of things I got to do..
Hope you had a better week - will be back a wee bit later again with some colour

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Cindy said...

i hope you're feeling better and i do like your city view!


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