Wednesday, April 13, 2011


West Coast Colours

Remember a while back I was telling you about my new muse? The West Coast and it's colours?
I am still obsessed with all things West Coast. And I have been making colour palettes over here- but let me warn you! its addictive... hence my "I will be back in a wee bit with some colour" takes more than 24hours...-

The Colour palette above represent the overall colours on the Peninsula Region of the West Coast. Very subtle and muted colours....
But when one takes a closer look: The palette becomes more complex and definitely has a few surprises in store.
I am loving this process and will be (trying) to post a palette every Tuesday.. taking that I am posting this one on a Wednesday, I will do my best not to get sucked into my new (now not so secret) obsession but actually post some colour love :)

This weeks selection is called Grass :


Any colours you really loving at the moment?
Hope you enjoy my colour love! (..I am off to make and admire some more colour palettes..)


Anairam said...

Love your palette idea. The West Coast (top palette) perfectly describes that region!

Cindy said...

your colors are looking very good to me!

Unknown said...

this is fun I would love to play!

strikk handknits said...

great colour collection for the West Coast. well captured indeed :-)


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