Wednesday, March 2, 2011





It's done!

oceans throw

It took me long enough!
NO!! Let me correct this: It spent ages laying in a bag waiting to be finished... and finally finally I got my act together and it's done!
It's new home is the guestroom bed. I am sure it won't mind not laying around in a paper bag and rather be admired and used... well once it's cooled down around here. For now it will just have to spread itself across the bed.

more details can be found here


painted fish studio said...

it's a beauty!

Unknown said...

wonderful work!!!

Sizun said...

A beautifull and tasteful work. I had never seen one of those assembled this way. And a beautiful picture too. I love your blog and its atmosphere.

Chantal said...

What a gorgeous blanket! I love the colours you've used. Just beautiful.

Cindy said...

it's beautiful, your guests will be lucky! enjoy your weekend!


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