Thursday, February 24, 2011



The last photo! I am done!
Feeling totally ecstatic, elated and relieved. I DONE IT!
365 photos, one photo taken every day, for one year.

This project has been a huge learning curve for me.While at times I put myself under way to much pressure to produce a decent photo (and I still did not manage to get a decent photo every day), more often I had several different subjects to chose from. I got used to carry my camera with me at all times and think of myself as a {amateur} photographer now.
Most importantly this project made me look more carefully at my surroundings, it made me think more about photography and I found beauty in the ordinary
(at times).
I won't be doing another 365 - at this point in time. For now I am simply enjoying that I finished the project.

To Celebrate I am doing a give-away. You can win a print of your choice. To enter the competition please comment here.
The competition ends in a week (Wednesday 2.3.11)

Good luck!


Cindy said...

i think you are a photographer. period. these daily photography projects are not easy and all of your photos look great to me. i don't think i would pick up a camera for a week, at least ;)!

painted fish studio said...

congratulations! it's a big event to celebrate keeping up for a year, and your photos are beautiful on top of it all! yay, you!!!

Unknown said...

Bravo you did it, I would ot try...maybe I guess you learn a lot after a year!!


the link doesn't work!

Unknown said...

oups I would love to try!!

LuLu said...

Beautiful photo. Congratulations - that is quite an accomplishment. Pat your self on the back.


avant garde design said...

wow, i'm actually in awe of you completing this venture! so good you stuck it out as we've all loved viewing them all. i had a plan once to photograph my son every day for one year. this was about 2 years ago, then his teenage social life became better than mine it was nearly impossible. i loved the idea though!


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