Thursday, January 20, 2011

(re) Discovered

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After spending a long while browsing through the library I decided I had enough for this time. But for no particular reason I did a little detour through the photography section... just to feast my eyes on the covers while I was passing. And that's when I saw it. It was a mere glimpse, because it was right at the end of the shelf, and now I had really had input overload and was just walking by. But this small glance of it jolted a memory. I stopped in my track- turned back to take a good look. and..Yes! I thought I have seen this photograph somewhere before.....
The book I quickly discovered was a collection of some of Ara Guler's photographs of Istanbul. I had seen some of them before- but was never aware of who the artist was. Naturally the book came home with me. I have been looking at it over and over again and every time am astounded by the simplicity and beauty of Ara Guler's photos. Most of the photos depict everyday scenes. And some of them remind me of an impressionist painting, all of them really speak to me. And they have somehow sparked a desire in me to be able to take REALLY beautiful photos, to push myself more in the medium, experiment and study more. But Ara Guler's art also made me reflect about art. I pondered over the reasons I like certain art pieces or why not. and all of this brought me to think about what I want to achieve with my photography....
I am still reflecting...
Was wondering: What are your thoughts on this?


jane said...

they are wonderful. and to think he had only one chance to get it right. :)

t does wool said...

I adore them..I do.


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