Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girls and Umbrellas


I always thought about having a journal.. a sketching diary or whatever you call it. But never really kept it up. Trying to put something on paper every day simply did never happen. I had it totally written off, forgotten about it, except when I saw pictures of other peoples gorgeous creations.
I totally admire the fact that people can actually keep drawing in the same journal- I am such a perfectionist that I always end up disliking some of the pages and give up. In the last couple of years I started keeping doodle books- simply ideas jotted down... slowly they became more sketch books. In June I joined the Moleskin Exchange, while at it i bought myself a small moley and it is my first 'official' sketchbook, that I actually like and work on quite regularly. Which I am quite proud of, to be honest. Despite its total imperfection and 3 pages that I rather would tear out.
Still every time I see pics like these:

via on Pinterest

via on Pinterest

I think about having a journal... so at the beginning of this year I decided to start one. Feeling rather brave actually. To give my ever procrastinating self a push I gave myself the task to do at least one page a week. Not much I know, but if I don't feel inspired I still can manage.
Made two so far (ahm, I know two is not a huge number but I am still on track)... last week I did the above sketches. First the one with the tree. But two things went wrong: I really don't like the dress and I grabbed the next best pen, which is the stupid water soluble -the one I bought wrongly ages ago, which I should have thrown away or something but kept it, and still got it, don't ask me why- so I smudged it a bit. I started a fresh, second sketch- without tree or bird... which retrospectively I wish I would have added again. I was not sure if I should do a third try. Was not even going to finish the above then I saw these:

via on Pinterest

via on Pinterest

Aren't they amazing? Sadly I could not trace the artists! If you know please enlighten me! These beautiful, so different and yet so similar, paintings left me with an answer and a question:
I will finish both my sketches and even consider a third try...and....

What is it about Girls and Umbrellas?


PS: It is List-it-Tuesday over at Aimee's - don't miss it!


avant garde design said...

so glad you are going ahead with your journal, i think of our blogs as a type of journal but nothing is better than pens and paints etc. right there on paper. i started a small journal of nothing but drawings of my son, you have inspired me to pick it up again ;)

A'n'G Johnson said...

the idea of actually enjoying being out in the rain is lovely.

zakiya said...

aslm my dear..u must please take me to all ur fav places in ct iA..ill b ther in march iA..ur blog is inspiring n simply beautiful!

;) said...

Very beautiful illustrations! I think your blog is a nice journal...

t does wool said...

oh,my..I adore your journal..
I do aisye~


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