Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Twist Street in the Rain

Twist Street in the Rain

It all started with a painting. A painting that now hangs in Carle's Living Room. She had told me long before, how she wanted to dye wool taking it as her inspiration. And when she announced that she would do it for the winter season of her seasonal sock club (which was in July 2010) I knew I wanted more than just the usual amount. It was going to become a cardigan or something....
When my double order arrived I was as usual totally stunned and amazed. Carle's interpretations set in wool are real art works. After a while sketching and pondering about it I decided to try my hand on my own design.
Quick and steady progress was made... only needed to do the ribs on the arm holes- and then spring came, rather early, I knitted something else instead- then another thing and another.... until it was too hot to knit- well long story short time tickled by and nothing was done about this project. Then last week I felt like knitting and looking at all my unfinished projects (a shocking 5 of them!) decided I won't start any new ones until I finished them all- ok at least some or most of them.
So it's done! Finally! .....And was quickly stored in the cupboard. It is way too hot to even think of wearing it. I am sure however I shall enjoy it in a couple of months or so.

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Anonymous said...

Those colours are amazing... and a truly unique item! How awesome!

Cindy said...

wow, that is fabulous ... i love the pockets! enjoy your weekend!


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