Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look what was my post box today


Aren't I lucky?!
Oh I know I am! I got a package from TWO fabulous bloggers. One from Valerie. A wonderful surprise and it came with some Love-Pukka tea!
The other on is from Cindy. She sent me her absolutely fabulous calender. I am looking forward to using it all year....once i can stop looking at it and put it in a nice spot.
I am so happy right now I could jump up and down
(- except that I hurt a little especially -UHM- my derriere...~it's to do with today's workout~... which is why i will refrain from actually doing so, please feel free to imagine it anyway )

THANK YOU TO BOTH OF YOU! You made my week!


Cindy said...

i received yours today, too! many thanks! i've hung up a few of your photos right next to my computer so i can visit you all day long! xo, c

Anairam said...

Real post is the best! Hmmmm, I loved the wanderlust post down below. I have been feeling like travelling for a while now. The last time I was in Europe was in 2004 - that is way too long ago!

;) said...

Lucky you are!


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