Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corner View


7 Artichokes that Mr.O brought home

seven good things that happen this week:

Mr. O can finally only use one crutch (yeay!!!)
spent lovely time with a dear friend today
spring day in kirstenbosch
got 7 great books from the library yesterday
started a new knitting project
Got a nice package in the post (will tell you later about that)
Got a pair of new shoes

and its only wednesday! hope you having a good week, too!

Snowwhite might have started the thing with 7 ....
...but there are more to be found here



Cindy said...

i love you list of sevens and glad mr. o is down to one crutch, but that has been a long time coming. love your photo!

Theresa said...

I always thought I wanted 8 kids!!! :)

Lollipop said...

lovely cv.
7 nice things indeed

Redeker said...

I love artichoke, so you were lucky that Mr O brought home 7 of them!

avant garde design said...

i love your list ;) also loving your spring pictures below. we are saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. sigh. i'll miss the warmth of the sun, but there is always next spring right? enjoy!


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