Sunday, March 21, 2010

Review of my Week


Review of my week -W11

This week had it all! Crashing Waves, crystal clear lagoon, lots of game spotting (including Giraffes!), long walks and roads, great luncheons and deserts (waffles in particular), wilderness and city slicking, lots of great coffee, a bit of savanna, lush green and a small desert and SUN lots of it!
I had a wonderful week on the west coast, a productive day on Friday, getting prints done, sending off jewellery and making a photo book. Saturday was social day, breakfast at superette, coffee at deluxe, craft meeting, coffee at deluxe and last but not least supper and jazz at the rainbow room!
Today I am catching up with the blog world- since with all my enjoyment I found no time for blogging, the week just zapped by! so i make a new commitment to my blog.
I honestly wish I could be on adventures 4 days of the week.....3 in the City producing. After long thought I have to admit that it would have to be 3 days on the road in the wilderness and 4 in the City....what would be your ideal setup?


Cindy said...

your week and activities look like such fun. love the tranquil blues. thanks for the good wishes! xo, c

Leenie said...

What a fine week you had. I'm VERY jealous of your weather, beach, wildlife and wild life (hehe). I could take some time with sand between my toes and/or supper with live jazz.

Valerie said...

oh wow ! beautiful ! all that blue...

Don't want to review mine, it would be too scary... :( or :P


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