Monday, March 1, 2010

Review of my Week


Review of my week -W8

It was a wonderful week!
managed to run away to Greyton midweek. A wonderful place in the country, loved the quiet and relaxing time there. Knitted one sock.... hope i will get the second done soon. Saturdays have become veggie shopping days- which I do at the neighborhood goods market at the Biscuit Mill. And I cant even remember what I did on before I went to Greyton... instead my mind is full of greys, blues and greens with a dash of fuchsia.... after looking at the mosaic I understand why

happy weekend


Leenie said...

ALL those photos are outstanding. I can't pick a favorite, although my eyes were first drawn to that gorgeous sock. Kinda have a thing for socks. Hope the second one makes it into the world without too much delay.

The lily pads were my second love, but then I bounced around to the highway, the grassy hill, all the purples and fuchsia and then on and on. A feast for the eyes. Yes, it looks like you had a wonderful week.

Valentina Harper said...

Greyton sounds great! *LOVE*LOVE* the colors :)

Cindy said...

love the colors and those socks!


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