Friday, February 26, 2010

New beginnings


This was meant to be posted yesterday, but it was our wedding anniversary, so I went with O to Greyton instead. One day earlier or later doesn't really matter -right?
Yesterday was also the date I chose for my 365 project. I will post my daily photos over at the Viewing Glass. Honestly despite the fact that I have promised myself to manage 365 photos...I already have some doubts- let's see, I will take it one day at the time ;)
Having decided last months that the 24th is the date of my Enchanted Garden theme to change, that also happened yesterday.
I found it a bit difficult to chose this month theme. I love February/March in Cape Town, but I couldn't put my finger on what plants really stand out in these months! So after a lot of back and forth I settled for Desert Bloom. A celebration of all things succulent! (they are amazing all year round)

More about the Enchanted Garden Project and Greyton in next few days.... I am off to bed now
good night!


Valerie said...

joyeux anniversaire de mariage <3 you two !
great day for this start ! 365s are hard to committ (i tried last year unsuccessful i have to say...) but so fullfilling if you make it !
stupid question but what is the viewing glass ?!

Leenie said...

Oooo! Love the new header. And the close-up of that poky cactus with the blured-out depth of field is a beauty. Happy Anniversary and best wishes with your new project.

Cindy said...

happy anniversary and good luck with your 365 project. i'm doing one, but don't post a photo each day because they're not good each day ;). enjoy your weekend!

t does wool said...

happy anniversary,beautiful project to start~


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