Wednesday, March 24, 2010



First I have to thank all of you, for those wonderful and inspiring comments.
I have managed to move on- less blocked. I started to sketch and make Jewellery, and am able to ignore my nagging voice.
Also did a lot of thinking. I feel not good enough because I set my standard at perfection... and one of the reasons why I was flooded with inspiration but unable to produce anything- was my own randomly set deadlines!
Concentrating on a theme each month works great in terms of getting plenty (even too much) inspiration. But I got myself completely worked up with meaning to finish all the projects on Lily of the Nile... since today is the 24th and I am starting a new theme. So I blocked myself with a deadline,I had set simply out of a whim!
Well, I shall stop babbling on about my own failings- let me tell you how I overcame them
After posting about my block, I went round my favourite blogs... and this is what the fabulous Anairam posted.
A completely different look at succulents, so absolutely ingenious! I had been looking at succulents nearly the entire month, but was unable to translate it into anything. Seeing this was startling! So different of what I would have ever done- but it hit exactly what I wanted to express! So I looked at my vast amounts of photos of succulents again, and then


started sketching
I even started to make some Jewellery too!


shall be back tomorrow with new theme and how I plan on working on Enchanted Garden,
have a nice evening!


Leenie said...

Lots of potential in those sketches. It is amazing to have friends all over the world of similar interest who inspire and motivate. I consider you and Anairam dear friends although we are hemispheres apart. Have you two ever got together?

Theresa said...


Julie said...

What a beautiful, clean and simply lovely drawing!!!!


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