Monday, February 1, 2010



Carle from Nurturing Fibres had asked me to test her new Tussah Silk Lace yarn. I don't have to say that I was absolutely delighted!
It was my first time ever using lace yarn and my first 'proper' lace project.

Now that it has been done- I feel so happy and totally proud.
I used this pattern- and there are more detail here (ravelry link)

The yarn is wonderful.It is light as a feather, being silk. Being tussah silk it isn't super shiny or slippery. It has a beautiful sheen and the fabric drapes beautifully- and the tread is really strong. Oh and did I mention light as a feather? I love it so much that I have cast on another project with the yarn!

It was a very pleasant knit. Except for one little hitch. Let me elaborate: I carry my knitting every where, so that if I am idle I can knit. Which honestly is a great habit- except I just throw my knitting into my handbag--- with whatever else manages to get its way in there (which quite frankly is halve the world...) So i dropped one or two stitches... and they trailed down a very far way. I had to back knit the entire edge lace. Which took me two weeks- well it took me two weeks to do it!
Well, now it seems so silly and unimportant- now that I can wrap the 42g of lovely lace around my neck- that certainly doesn't matter. I did however learn, not only to knit lace and that I really enjoy it, but also to put my knitting into a project bag.

(PS: The pattern is really great! Well explained and easy to follow even for beginner lace knitters like me!)


blue moss said...

so, so, so pretty...i can't knit at all, but this makes me want to start

Leenie said...

Amazing work. Well done!

nathalie et cetera said...

oh so beautiful!

Cindy said...

it is gorgeous! so delicate and pretty. you are such a talent!

Linda Sue said...

This is so gorgeous- if I could knit I would go for this - light and airy and comfortable not to mention girly! LOVE this very much! I would even wear it swimming...

Anonymous said...

the scarf is beautiful, both feminin and delicate.

t does wool said...

I said it on flickr,but I'll say it again...gorgeous!!

Anairam said...

This lacy scarf is absolutely beautiful - great craftsmanship!


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