Monday, January 18, 2010

sneek peeks


I have been busy today...

The first sketches for the new project.

agapanthus sketches

To be honest I realised that I am being extremly ambitious, hence my secrecy... but I decided instead of being intimidated by it I will start with my sketching and see where it takes me, keeping my ambitions as a light outline.
Ok, let me tell you the idea: I want to use my photograph of the nature around me and take the ideas from it to different medias. One of them certainly will be jewellery, an other will be clay, then there is paper and textiles.... hm we will see
I am looking forwad to indulge and dive into it!

I also started to post over here again... just a photo a day :)



painted fish studio said...

fabulous project idea! i'm looking forward to seeing more.

Cindy said...

oh yes, indulge yourself and us!

nathalie et cetera said...

you off to a great start. great project!


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