Sunday, January 17, 2010



Finally I managed to gather my thoughts, found new directions, re-assumed old ones.
Lots of my favourite blogs announced to only post a couple a times a week. Which made me think about my posting habits... or the non-habit of it.
I decided to restart the review of my week starting from next Sunday. Otherwise I decided to keep my blog habits lighthearted as before- simply because I think one should blog when one has something interesting to say :)
In the process of starting a new project and making preparations for one that I will start at the end of February....more about them when I actually start them.
Happy weekend


jane said...

happy sunday! what will feb bring?...

Anairam said...

I love those pencils below. They make me think of when I was a kid and I absolutely desired a set of 24 colouring pencils - with all the different shades - but all I ever got were 12 cheap supermarket ones ... About the blogging - 3 times a weeks works well for me - but I might even cut down a bit on that when things are hectic. As they say: there are flowers to be smelt and sea shells to be picked up!

Leenie said...

That is a very cool--er--COLD looking photo. Were you there? Bet you didn't hike to that location.

I'm with you on no specific blogging schedule. Then I try to justify the time spent blogging by telling myself I am watching less television. It works for me. Love your posts and looking forward to more.

Unknown said...

Anairam: i got 36!!! :D :D :D

Leebie: I was there, took the photo ;), its on the Santis, a mountain in Switzerland, and yes i did not hike up or down ( or even snowboard... that was the idea), since we were not allowed to due to danger of avalanges- i had lunch there does that count ;)


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