Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Corner View


snow hut
I spent mine (or a part of it) in Heidiland
when one is in my home country there are few things one ( I should really say I) must do:

Visit the Kunsthaus (the Art museum in Zurich)

Ponder around the old city of Zurich completely aimlessly

until one is nearly frozen, then
gran cafe
go to one of the wonderful Cafes/Patisseries and have a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or whatever hot beverage one fancies with a piece of TART

Go up as many of these as possible
but don't worry...

they come with these ;)
and while we talking public transport.. one has to make as many train journeys as possible! And if one goes with the train, make sure to travel in the bistro wagon and have breakfast, while enjoying the view.

Talking about views....
there is nothing like reflecting on life and such
while gazing over the ancient giants that inhibit my home
especially if they a covered in a blanket of white crystals
the quietness and beauty couple with majesty brings some of the best things thoughts to my mind.

oh but I am getting carried away! so will STOP here.

I have had my fair share of holidays last month, as I mentioned yesterday I cant seem to start working.
Since I spent half of my holiday back home in Heidiland and the other half here I was two minded what I should post...
But looking at my photos of Switzerland, I am sorry to say, my heart ached and was warmed both at once so sentimentality won over my head since I planned to post a mosaic of both...and with a sigh and shouting who cares (at myself since I am alone in the apartment at the moment) I abandoned my plan and did as my heart commanded.
I hope you enjoyed a glimps of my holiday- if you haven't had quite enough holidaying (like me) yet visit Jane's Blog for more corner views all over the world... happy holidays ;)


Mari Mansourian said...

well hi there, my first time playing CV, i love your photos, and enjoyed the journey you took us on, great corner view :)

jane said...

oh these are wonderful! stunning! thank you for sharing you home with us- besos!

Conny said...

Your "holiday" photos are spectacular!! Thanks for sharing your Corner View.

Leenie said...

Wow! Your photos really make winter look GOOD! and SPECTACULAR. Thanks for giving us a tour of your home country. I have a few Swiss genes. Maybe that is why winter is a necessary season for me. Some day I will visit the Alps and see the sights in Zurich.

painted fish studio said...

mmmmmm, beautiful. it must be so hard to leave!

Valentina Harper said...

OOOHHH *BEAUTIFUL* your pictures are sooo beautiful :)
Thank you so much for you note in my blog!!
Happy 2010!

Jodi said...

Ahhh wonderful reflections on the holiday. Love the overhanging snow. Happy New Year!

;) said...

Wonderful pictures !! from "Heidiland" ! I love that ! Thanks for sharing !

Cindy said...

magical and that view is unreal, but it's real!

Anonymous said...

great photos!


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