Monday, August 17, 2009

Review of my Week

Review of my Week 32

It was a quiet week. Lots of thinking was done, knitting, resting ( I can't believe I am saying this, but I still am very up and down) and staying at home.
On Thursday I walked to Orion, and met up with Carle. She is such an inspiring Fibre Artist. Her hand dyed one of a kind yarns are so gorgeous and her love for fibre is completely infectious! I ended up with 3 more skeins of her yarns, lots of enthusiasm and excitement about her future yarns. Will post more about my ravelings and the new yarns tomorrow

I am still ordering my thoughts, feeling rather in a solitude mood but as soon as I am able to voice my thoughts will spill over with words again
Enjoy your week!


aimee said...

it is so odd for me to see pictures of bare trees there - it is so hot here! looks like the weather is still beautiful, though!

Cindy said...

it does look crisp. i love the blues and the photo of the yarn.

Anairam said...

Love your Cape Town pics! This flu takes a long time to disappear, so take it easy and take care! There will be more than enough time later for ordered thoughts ... just let it go for the mo'!

strikk handknits said...

aah - hope you feeling better ;-) xx


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