Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Raveling away


As I was often at home over the last couple of weeks, I have been knitting. I finished my purple Topdown all in one cardigan. Used the February Lady Sweater pattern, but could not resist the temptation and changed it. Love the pattern and it was really fun doing it all in one top down. The only thing - the wool (sublime merino silk cashmere aran) does fuzz! which is really disappointing. At first I thought I won't be wearing it often, because of this. But I have been wearing it tons since I finished it, it does feel like wearing an incredible soft and light blanket! And I like the colour

my second finish project

Amethyst and Aquamarin Shawl

A shawl. It was a quick and lovely knit. And love the wool, two of the yarns are handspun and handdyed. The pattern can be found here
The more I knit the more I discover the beauty of wonderful yarns!
Which led me to walk to Orion last Thursday. Carle had notified me that she will be there in the afternoon with new yarn.
It was as usual well worth the walk since she had amazing and gorgeous handdyed yarns with her. But more so just to meet her was a treat! She is so fascinating and her love for fibres is infectious! I ended up getting 3 more of her 4ply. (which makes it 5! in my stash). Carle was telling me about her new projects, she is busy with very exciting and beautiful new yarns. And I can't wait to see them... certainly will be getting some of them- so watch this space!


After coming home and looking at my wonderful and exciting new yarns from Carle   - first of all gave me a shock, I am starting to stash!!! secondly sent me off for hours to Ravelry to look at patterns and I started a new project

P1070021.JPG P1070022.JPG

What have you been up to lately? Who has inspired you?
Enjoy your evening!


aimee said...

i could not even imagine tackling something this difficult! how you do this is beyond me.

by the way, i just posted a picture of a lovely package that arrived recently from south africa...

Cindy said...

you are such a wonderful knitter. i couldn't imagine making such beautiful and purposeful things. you are very talented and i love your photos.

avant garde design said...

wow, you've been busy! so pretty all of them. i love the shawl. one thing i want to learn how to knit is a poncho. my mother used to knit us brightly colored ponchos to wear growing up and i remember always feeling so pretty in them. i'll have to find a pattern and get brave enough to attempt it. :) have a great weekend!

Leslie said...

I have the February in my queue, love the look of it, now know not to use that type of yarn. Loverly.


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