Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday Painting


I am convinced that it was the coldest day of 2009 yesterday!
This is what I painted as a result, I am sure it snowed on some mountain in South Africa yesterday (?)
Been dreaming of snowboarding and snowmen lately... maybe I'll visit Heidiland in the winter, haven't seen snow since we moved to Cape Town!
I like the painting except the snowflakes didn't come out quite like I wanted, they would have been nice in iceblue or icegrey. (another reason to go to the Art shop ;))
Back tomorrow with the Word of the Week - it's FANTABULOUS (in case you wanna join in)


Cindy said...

it's so strange to read about you in winter time. love your snowman and the colorful scarf.

Anonymous said...

Your paintings are so magical. I can see book illustrations in your future.

When you can, take a trip of to Stellenbosch during the winter - or the Cedarberg and Ceres. At this time of year there's snow on the mountains and its quite beautiful.


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