Tuesday, July 14, 2009



For an entire week I had tasked myself with painting one watercolour sketch a day. It was really fun, and I decided to keep it going. But because the watercolours got more and more elaborate and detailed, i will just spend time on them every day, which might mean that I only will do one every couple of days at times.
As usual I got to a stage where suddenly all my insecurities kicked in and I got all worried about the fact that I don't know much about watercolours- I got no technical knowledge whatsoever- and no art training... but then I got nice comments and i thought it doesn't matter I enjoy doing it, it inspires me and kept on going. I discovered that my little moleskin watercolour book has paper I like, doing the Word of the week sketch on my (otherwise beloved) sketch paper was a nightmare!  Am a selfconfessed artshop fetish ; I love looking at pens, paints and papers. And now I got a reason to go and get somethings, I am sure I will make use of it very soon ;)
Mostly I loved trying something different and feel great that it worked out not too bad. Reflecting on it and looking at my sketches I feel that the whole experience unlocked something new in me, and I am looking forward to explore it more. I got quite a few ideas already. So watch this space!!

Thank you for all your support!

Have you done anything new lately?
Oh you must check out this post- it made me smile and really be grateful this morning! A bit of sunshine for a rainy day


Jesse said...

I came here to comment on the previous painting, which I liked, and then I see this one.... It's really beautiful.

painted fish studio said...

i think that if you're happy with the end result, it doesn't matter that one doesn't have training! what i've seen is wonderful, and i say continue!

Cindy said...

training is over-rated. you're doing beautifully and enjoying it. that's all that matters.

stephanie levy said...

Isn't this a lovely surprise today :) Nice details!


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