Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review of my week

Review of my week 19

Monday: was Clay Cafe day. I really enjoyed relaxing and painting. We had fabulous weather, I enjoyed the beautiful autumn colours, the sun and watching the clouds play with the mountain peaks
Tuesday: was even nicer weather, I really wanted to go on a photo walk somewhere, but instead I had to go to home affairs. I thought I was going to collect a stamp for residency...but to our total shock our file had been transferred to another department. Off we went to that department, stood in the cue for several hours only to discover that they had lost my file!!! I was so upset and in utter shock. Remember I am a swissy- the folks who make the best watches in the world.. precise is the word!- and in heidiland its unheard that a file gets lost! So I went off to take photos in Company Garden's and then for tea in the Rhubarb Room. At night I suddenly got ill and spent most of the rest of my week at home.
Saturday: City-photo- walk ( very short one)

During my photo expedition in Company Gardens I was trying to take photos of the palm trees- any good tips for it would be appreciated- and after several fetal tries, I switch into black and white. I really got into B&W photography. It's a really different way of capturing things and decided to do B&W week. See my palm tree photos here. If you got nice B&W photos leave a comment with the link and I will post the link on my next post here and in The Viewing Glass

Remember my Beethoven or Haydn post? I have pondered over it and really enjoyed reading your comments. I think I found my solution (at least for now) will tell you about it in the next couple of days... 

Hope you had a good week. 
Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers!



aimee said...

oh you really did live through a storm this week! sounds like things are getting a little better? i love that third photo, with the brown and blue :)

t does wool said...

your photos are so wonderful ;]...


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