Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morbid Love


spent protea


after last years fire

I have fallen in love with proteas, to be exact the spent ones. Aren't they just amazing. Love the geometrical pattern that is left when the seeds have been disbursed by the wind. Love the different shades of browns, greys and charcoals... in contrast to the vivid autumnal colours in the surroundings. 
I call it morbid love, because to be honest, I do love the remnants of the protea after a fire, which is the seedpods with dried out leaves and charcoal colours! 
Feeling really inspired! 


Anonymous said...

My goodness, you have such a good eye! I know I keep on saying this but your photography is truly inspirational to me! The proteas are just beautiful.

avant garde design said...

it's funny how we can take a second look at something and truly see how beautiful it is. i myself find that with fruit. i know that sounds funny but each piece is like a little work of art. great post!

t does wool said...

beautiful...even in death.

Pamela Alderman said...

Four months ago while my son studied in South Africa, I came across your blog. I enjoyed getting to "visit" South Africa through the eye of your camera. I have also really appreciated the beauty of your country. Thanks for making your photos available to a wider audience.

PS: It's great to have my son back home. But he really enjoyed his adventure in your country.

Unknown said...

Nice to 'meet' you Pamela!
I went to your website and was truly impressed with your art.
glad you enjoy the photos of South Africa... hope you come by soon again

Aris said...



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