Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review of my week...half way into the new week!


Review of my week 15

I am late!
I know! NO excuse, but as relaxing and slow as the previous week was, the last week was equally as stressfull and busy. I thought I'll be posting during the weekend, but I suddenly was swamped with social engagements... 
Which was really wonderful! O had to go overseas on business, so it would have been dreary being alone.
Well the quick recab of week 15 is: time is flying by! Week 15 nearly a quarter of this year has passed!
Monday: ClayCafe Day- got my tagine back, it's alright- my work is not so disappointing anymore getting there slowly
Thurday: went to watch Underworld, which I really enjoyed. The action scenes are really great and i love the costumes.
Friday: Lunch with Girlfriends
Sunday: Brunch with Friends, got invited to a wonderful lunch and then went to the Goldfish concert at Kirstenbosch.
I've been busy printing photos and making my little inspiration booklets...


This is my 98th post!
To celebrate my 100th I will be doing a give away tomorrow! So don't miss! Come back!!!

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