Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bloglovin... and all that


I admit it!
I couldn't resist - again!

It all started last year.
Before that I had an email and a
facebook profile, I spent a maximum of 30min online everyday.
Then I read about Ravelry- don't aske me where!- and I signed up for it. My account got approved on the 24th of April- my Birthday!!
To upload photos Ravelry uses
Flickr- so I got one of those too.
As I was reading some fantastic blogs, I couldn't resist , I started this one.
then I got
a second blog- and since the beginning of this year I stated to twitter away, got Indiepublic and now I got bloglovin....
The three later ones are all in the hope that they will help me, for the opening of my shop....

How many accounts, blogs and profiles do you have?
And yes! I am aware IT is getting out of hand ;)
...but if you like:

Follow my blog with bloglovin´

Ps: It does sounds so very excessive so i thought i should mention my online time has only doubled- I spent around an hour a day online

DON'T FORGET MY 100th POST Tomorrow- there will be a give away! 

Enjoy your evening 


Anonymous said...

Blog lovin' eh? I'll have a look. Just found you on twitter. Nice!

And congrats on the impending ton. :)

Valerie said...

well, interesting topic.
as for me, i have started an "internet diet" which means I've reached the stage when there was too much time spent online, not enough time left to be with my family (because i'm on a pc not a laptop) to renovate my house & garden, to create... too much stimulation also.
i have one blog, one place to sell, and a flickr album and... that's far enough for me, because after a while i'm not so good at... multitasking ! and i couldn't handle more than these.
besides i've heard too many negative things about facebook :(
but i still need to figure the ravelry thing, since i'm a (non-active) member !
good luck (for the shop)
and have fun :)


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