Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snail Mail


Yesterday I saw a nice Postcard and decided to send it to my parents ( don't think they do this post will not spoil the surprise), as I was writing it I was thinking how I always loved correspondence
I had my first pen pal at 13- which got me hooked, had tons after that from all over the world, my correspondence was in 3 different languages by the time I was 15, and I am sure that I learnt most of my french through my Canadian pen pal. When we would go on holidays all my friends and I would write each other post cards... one summer I wrote probably 30 of them, my father thought I was bonkers! this 30 were excluding the ones I sent to my pen pals, by the way, maybe I was a bit bonkers. But when I came home I had more than 20 cards waiting for me!
I love snail mail! Getting letters or cards is wonderful! Its fabulous... I love the anticipation of opening a letter, looking at the post stamps, just the fact that someone took the time to sitdown and write something for me. Sadly this is getting more and more rare
And this brings me to my idea I had today. Do you like getting snail mail? Well if you do leave a comment before Sunday 1.00 am GMT- I will then contact you for your address and in not too distant future you will get a card from the very sunny and very hot Cape of Goodhope.

Since I am not sure how many of you will leave a comment I will limit my number of cards to 5. If there are more than five comments, I will chose 5 winners randomly. 


Caffeine Faerie said...

I love snail mail. ;) And post cards of the Cape are always beautiful. I'll send you something from Australia too.

I've done the same thing with penpals and post cards. It was, and still is, always exciting to have something in your post box that isn't a bill.

Anonymous said...

I still have boxes of letters from my penpals at my parents house. It's so good to receive snail mail - I love it to this day. Though, I must say that lately, there has been mostly bills in my post box :(

please sir said...

Snail mail is the best! Lovely postcards!

avant garde design said...

i'd love a snail mail from one cape to another. gosh, and i have to get you those questions! i mean answers...will do asap! love the post below too at the tea!

Charlotte Tollstén said...

I would love to get some snail mail!!
Have a beautiful weekend.


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