Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carmina Burana


As I mentioned earlier: My friends and I went to the Kirstenbosch Sun Set Concert on Sunday. The Philharmonic Orchestra was playing Carmina Burana. I always loved it- so when I got the programm for the concerts I marked that Sunday in my Calender.
It was so much fun to just sit in the grass and listen, enjoy the warm weather and the amazing surroundings.

P1010603.JPG P1010563.JPG

Kirstenbosch gardens is one of the best things to visit in Cape Town , well at least that's what I think. Being there, reminded me that I hadn't been for ages, certainly not since I had my lumix. So I decided I would go for a photo session soon... which I did, and I will post about tomorrow :).
Meanwhile I wanted to share my photos I took on Sunday afternoon-you might have noticed that I am not a great people photographer- am teribly bad at it- but I like these ones.



Hope you like them too.
On a completly different note: Stephanie did as usual an amazing interview Cathy Nicols, her art is just so inspiring...
 Have a nice day


Charlotte Tollstén said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful people!
The weather looks great, and I guess the music was magic. :)

Cindy said...

it looks like a wonderful time! our pics are great! our email address is sckrik[@]verizon[dot]com


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