Friday, January 9, 2009

Clay Cafe

Clay Cafe Sessions

The Clay Cafe in Hout Bay has been a place frequented by me in the last year. The last months it has become a weekly thing.
I love the location, its on the flanks of the mountain over looking the valley. The building is an old dairy farm- divided into the workshop and a cafe. It is really relaxing to be in the lovely green surroundings, and find it rejuvinating to doodle- on the crockery. And its really exciting to see how it comes out- since one only can see the results once the dishes are fired.
The workshop is open to visitors- and every time I am there I use the opportunity to watch the Crafters work.I find it really amazing to watch other people work , eventhough I am a bit embarrassed when others watch me. I find it really interesting and inspiring seeing others work.
When I was at the clay cafe last week- the workshop was empty, everybody was on holidays, and it made me think about the fact that I miss working with and around people. I am much more productive when I work close to other artists. I love the interaction with other artists, and learnt most by working in close proximity to others. Even if they were doing a completely different craft... and then it hit me: the thing that actually kept me going the last few months, and kept inspiring me were YOUR BLOGS! this gave me an idea... will share it tomorrow
Thanks to all of you out there in this wonderful world of blogs.
Have a nice evening


Eduardo Miguel said...

- I passed this way and I was impressed with its blog, its art is wonderful congratulations and success, great I hug of Brazil.

aimee said...

it is wonderful to be surrounded by the energy of other artists! this sounds like an amazing place!


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