Sunday, December 21, 2008

Revue of my Week


Events of the week:
* Clay cafe (my new obsession)
* a Wedding, 
* Friends arriving in Cape Town
* 2 Trips to Airport
* Tea in Muizenberg
* Luncheon
* Wedding
* Movies
* FridayGirlsLunch
* Dinners
* Hike up the mountain
* swimming
* Minstrels (koons) parade... 
* O went on buisness again and is arriving tonight
oh yes and I did visit the Wool shop, and started a new project- wristwarmers

It is Summer in Cape Town. Which means it is visitors-, holiday- and wedding-season. So my week- actually the last two weeks were packed with social engagments.
Today alone I was at a luncheon, a wedding and at the airport to greet good friends arriving home... so am wiped out, but in a really good way. I love this time of the year because it is summer and fabulous weather, but also because so many friends come from Europe to visit Cape Town.  The next week will probably be similarly busy, so I am planning to squeeze in another day at the clay cafe-it is on the flank of the mountain, overlooking Houtbay,away from the hustle and bustle. I am sort of over-saturated with the social thing (I do so love them but its just too much sometimes) and feel that going off painting will give me time to soak it all in and the strength to go to the next event.
Hope you all enjoying your holiday season and the rest of this weekend, I am off to spend a quiet evening with O


Mrs.French said...

sounds like a lovely week...xo

please sir said...

Sounds amazing - Happy Holidays!

Cindy said...

sounds wonderful ... please send some of that summer weather this way, will you? have a wonderful holiday.

aimee said...

oh my gosh, i don't think i've done that much all YEAR! i hope you get some good time to relax at the clay cafe!

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year to you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all.
I have been repeatedly told that you cant comment and am trying to do what i can to sort it out...
happy holidays to all of you
much love


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