Thursday, November 6, 2008



One of the great things about Cape Town is that it is surrounded by oceans, which means  many beaches. The other thing is that its build on the flanks of a mountain. Table Mountain to be exact. I find there is nothing like Mountains rising straight off water.
Thanks to the mountains and beaches Cape Town is a really beautiful and green city and the outdoor experience is right in front of ones door even if one lives in the Centre of the City like me. 
I love hiking at this time of the year, because the sun is not to strong for it yet. There will be plenty of time to spend on the beaches when its impossible to go for long hikes other than straight after sunrise, so spring and autumn are the times to enjoy the surrounding mountains. Which we, Z., N. and me did last Saturday. We did even a bit of climbing and lots of photographing. I am still in complete amazement by the flowers that are blossoming all over the Cape so some flower photos are thrown into the lot.

Walking up
(at the back you can see Lionshead)

Looking down

A few flowers thrown in

DSCN2723 DSCN2726
some climbing

the girls

= lots of fun

If you want see some more photos you can do so at the Viewing Glass


Mrs.French said...

so much! those white flowers are perfect! xo

Anonymous said...

How beautiful it all looks... thanks for the fresh air.

aimee said...

how gorgeous! i feel like i just took a breath of fresh air, too :)


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