Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whales, Appleblossoms and Wanderlust

As promised I finally will tell you about the rest of our trip. Before I do this I got to first warn you- there will be some rather bad photos to look at- and you do so at your own risk, I won't take any responsibility for any kind of damages...
hermanus panorama 1
After visiting Stanford we drove back to Hermanus, which I a well known holiday destination for Capetonians. It has lovely beaches, is surrounded by a mountain range which boasts two nature reserves, has a vlei and it is most famous for the Whales that come to the bay for breeding.The Southern Right Whales spend about 3 months of the year in this part of the world and it is a real treat to get a glimpse of them. This year there seem to be lots around and I had already seen some in False Bay- from afar while driving...
The amazing thing is they come really close to the bay and one sees them really clear, the seemingly small calves swimming with their mothers, some in a large group , alone. Its such an amazing thing! They have such a strong presence that one can tell when they are in the bay, before one sees them. I can't put into words the pleasure just sitting in the bay and watching them play, feeling like someone special is visiting me, it really touches me every time I get to see them so close.

Southern Right WhaleSouthern Right Whale

I am sorry for the bad photos- but I couldn't resist and did take some photos, knowing that with my point and shot digital there was no way of getting a decent picture... But i just had to it was so exciting to see them...
We had lunch in a restaurant on the cliffs, watching the wales and enjoying the sounds of the waves.

Grotto Beach Clouds over Hermanus

In the afternoon we started our journey back to Cape Town, I wanted to stop in Elgin. 
Elgin is the apple orchard of the Western Cape and the apple trees are blossoming I really wanted to walk through them... 

Elgin Apple Orchard
Appple Blossoms

And my yearnings got satisfied beyond my expectations. The air was full of the perfume of the delicate pink blossoms

SirLoweryPass 1

As we drove into the City, we both were amazed by its beauty. Cape Town is really a beautiful city to live in.

Arriving back in Cape Town

But that evening both of us were sitting over maps, first we were planing our next trip around the Westernprovince, then we were looking at the maps of South Africa... we ended up looking at our world atlas. 
Suddenly I told him I got wanderlust. He smiled, me too.
Our nomade blood has been stirred up again....


Esra said...

Cok tesekkür ederim :-)
These pictures are so beautiful!
Have a nice day,

stephanie levy said...

Wow, your photos are gorgeous and make me want to visit South Africa.
Congrats on getting those earrings finished - they look great :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos - they are gorgeous! Your country truly is stunning.


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