Monday, August 18, 2008

Waterplay Necklace

I have been doing quite a bit of jewellery since my last blog, which is 3 weeks ago! Decided to blog the pieces one by one so there won't be an overload for the reader.
All my pieces are based on the Waterplay inspirations from last summer. 
Second Necklace

Its a Multimedia piece. I used handcrafted Glassbead, Pearl, Leather, Agat, Jade, Swarovski Cristall, Cooper, Brass and Silver, which is polished in some parts and tarnished in others.
Trying to photograph this piece I got reminded how difficult it is to photograph silver- its horrifying!!!
So it took one photo where one can see the whole necklace and another where one get a better feel of its versatility. I purposely made it in a way that one can wear it in different ways- it always looks different.

I hope that these two photos give you a feel of it and that you like it.

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