Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Enviroment

As I mentioned I was in the middle of moving - I officially arrived now! Feel more or less settled in my new apartment. It's in the CBD of Cape Town, right across of the High courts a two minute stroll of the Company Gardens and the Parliament. And based around the old City Centre. At first I was a bit worried- no terrace no garden.. but now I am really happy here. We will see how I feel when summer comes along. Since the last week it was extremely miserable weather, I had no desire of the outdoors. Today the weather cleared and we have sunshine again. So immediately went for a long walk. 

New Home

What I enjoy most about living in the City is that I don't need a car, and I can walk to places. Being from Switzerland this is really an important thing for me- my Joburg Mr. cant relate at all! In South Africa one does everything by car- partly because everything is so far apart and then also because the transport system here ain't like the Swiss one I suppose. They are working on upgrading it and making a bigger network, but I have to admit it's a rather large country- in compare to most countries in the world so it will take a while.
I will still have to get in the car to go to Kirstenboschto take some Protea pictures- the best place for flower macros is the famous botanical garden.
For now I will leave you with some pics of my new architectural surroundings and views from my city pad.

View Table Mountain
View from my apartment

City City

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Anonymous said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing them. The sky is SO blue!


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