Thursday, January 17, 2013

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new yarn

I was given this beautiful yarn by my friend A.
She saw it and thought of me. It's by my favorite yarnie... (which she did unwittingly) and its grey! sigh!
Well, she does know me very well. :)

It is kinda too hot for me to knit at the moment, but I am browsing patterns instead and planning what I will do with 500m of this gorgeousness... one of my favorite things about knitting. At this point in time I am thinking a cowl.. any ideas or suggestions?

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knitalatte said...

Pretty yarn. It will make a lovely cowl.
Have you looked at cowl patterns over at Ravelry?
I'm making a 'honey cowl' and the pattern is really fun,
actually I'm on the 3rd one as I keep giving them away.
This one is for me!


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