Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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I have been admiring Sock Yarn Blankets for ages and been thinking I would love to make a throw for my (king sized) bed for a while now... so in a spur of the moment I cast on my first square from left over yarns and have been knitting these rather than finishing the three pairs of socks I have started..
Initially I head the idea to start on my wedding anniversary and knit one square a day for a whole year. But I couldn't wait till the 24th of February and cast on on the 24th of January instead. After a week or so of knitting... I discovered that firstly 365 squares would not be nearly enough, I would need at least double of them and secondly (much worse) that all my leftovers won't be enough. Both discoveries set me a back a bit. The first was solved by deciding to knit a minimum of 1.2*1.2m (which will be around 700squares I think)- but hopefully as large as I can. Also would love to hear from other insanity projects! Lets team up and keep each other inspired!
For my second discovery I decided to resolve to begging... So here it goes: If any of you have any left over fingering wool they could send me..I would be eternally grateful! Please give me your email and I will send you my postal address! Thank you in advance :)
I shall update the blanket status every month around the 24th...

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Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Wow - big project! But it will look amazing when you are finished. All the best with it!

Cindy said...

the blanket looks like it will be incredibly special. i look forward to your progress and wish i had some yarn to send you. i'll keep an eye out, though. enjoy your weekend!


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