Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The last couple of weeks I have been trying my hand on a new material: Porcelain. While I am turning some of my work into jewellery I also have been making bowls... with a rather slow progress since I manage to break around 30% of them before painting or firing... Porcelain before firing I discover (over and over again) is extremely fragile before firing. But I am loving the discovery of a new material and learning to work with it very much -let's just hope some of these bowl will make it through all the processes and end up as finished porcelain ware.

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BigLittle said...

They look so beautiful and delicate. xx

laccentnou said...

Congrats on your first porcelain bowls!
Yes, porcelain is very fragil.
It's difficult to work with but the final result worth all the difficulties :)

avant garde design said...

wow, your talents are endless. from that image, the shapes of those bowls are stunning. i can't wait to see photos of the finished products. really beautiful, good luck with the firing...;)

Anairam said...

Long ago I did pottery and made these lovely thin pinch bowls. I've always wanted to take it up again. But too many interests clutter my horizon! Your bowls are quite lovely!

nathalie et cetera said...

that's great. I love ceramics.I'm looking forward to see more of yours. the little I see here looks very promising.


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