Monday, September 12, 2011




While my computer was at the doctors for the last couple of weeks or so it looks like Spring has moved into the Cape. I have been busy with photo editing, lots of social events, taking part in an exhibition, reading several books and plenty more.. time seems to have flown by since July- I had a shock when I look at the date yesterday... nearly mid September?!
Being back in the digital age is both a bit overwhelming and a total relief. I've missed keeping up with blogs and their authors. it's amazing how much one gets to know about people round here and how one misses their 'company'... Hope all is back on track now and I will catch up on those blogs during the week -Which is rather a nice thing to look forward to


Unknown said...

welcome back beautiful pics of spring!

Cindy said...

pace yourself, we're still here! love your view of spring and congrats on the show!


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