Friday, July 29, 2011


Hello there!

I have been travelling for a while...

[ hence I was off the net for a bit
While I managed to blog for the first bit of my journey, not having my own laptop anymore proved a bit disastrous to the life of this blog-- and at the end I couldn't even connect to the Internet with my phone.. so I was forcefully i-detoxed.]

I have been on three continents over the last months - sounds great doesn't it?-
taken over 2000 photos - which I am busy editing -
visited my family - whom I am missing already -
thought about life - my own in particular
seen amazing things
eaten great food
- have also +1.5kg on my waistline from it-
made new travel plans already
-while traveling actually...hopeless I know-
met and spend time with interesting and inspiring people
been from winter to summer and back -southern and northern hemisphere-
spoke many different languages
have my head filled with colours, shapes and details

It has been a good month and I am still taking stock... somehow we ended up at crossroads and we will have to make a few decisions in the next months that will change our life.
For me personally I discovered that I actually want to get better in photography and start selling my photos. To be honest my dream would be to become a travel photographer...
- I am investigating how to achieve it, any tips would be welcomed!-

How was your months? Been reading up on my favorite blogs- honestly its mind blowing after my Internet break! There are some super talented and wonderful people round the blog world
Enjoy your weekend


Cindy said...

your travels sound and look terrific. welcome back. i noticed you were absent. a travel photographer for you sounds pretty great. you can do it!

avant garde design said...

what a sweet post! i'm so glad you enjoyed your journey and it must be tough leaving family at the end of it. i so hope that you enjoy your weekend too my friend! can't wait to see all of those pictures you took, i'm sure they will tell a tale ;)


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