Thursday, June 23, 2011

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In the Studio it's all about Patina at the moment.
I have been playing around with it for a while, but I never been completely satisfied with the results until finally I got the above result.
It's a brass ring, pieced and forged and then patinated and polished.

Here is how to:

  • Clean piece from all fats and oils
  • Dip into diluted Nitric acid (H2O: HNO3 - 2:1) for a few minutes
  • Rinse with water
  • Put in a airtight plastic container with a cotton ball that has been soaked with Ammonia -leave overnight or at least a few hours
  • Remove carefully and let it dry for 48hours or more if need - putting it in the sun (if you can find any) does speed and help the process
  • Seal with beeswax
I am pleased with this result but I am still enjoying my discovery journey of patinas. There are still many different processes to sass out. So hopefully more good results but definitely a few more failures on the way.

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Anonymous said...

This ring is wonderfull!
I had read about using Nitric acid and Ammonia but never saw the final result. Well, I have to say that it is terrific.


Cindy said...

it looks really beautiful. your creativity is endless!

JenMun(a) said...

beautiful! an incredibly perfect patina and ring..

Kara Cartisciano said...

Love this ring, I've been wanting to try something similar for a while, such a great finish :)


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