Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Looks like my Internet is finally working again. PHEW!
While I missed the whole online world- I would have had total withdrawal symptoms were it not for the handy invention of smart phones...instagram, twitter and the new phone app for pinterest!- I desperately needed some time to focus on me. I have been a wee bit in the rain lately. Not quite sure why, and not quite sure what can do about it. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on many aspects of my life and started to list a few new (small) goals. I think for the first time in my life I don't know what I want. Being in a 'not so sure' bubble is rather a new and very odd experience to me. So it is one step at the time for now, one mini goal after the other-- and hopefully back into the sun.


Cindy said...

other than people losing blog posts and comments, i didn't mind when blogger was down recently. i guess i'm not strong enough to turn off this machine on my own often enough.

i hope the sun is shining for you, now. sometimes, things do get a bit dark & gray, but the sun does eventually come out.

enjoy your weekend! i think your instagram photos are the best around!

Theresa said...

That's a wonderful photo.
I haven't been here in awhile. Nice to be back. Please come say hi and check out our surprise about Skylar.


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