Thursday, May 5, 2011

My creative space...

'playing' chemistry
My creative space

I am 'playing' chemistry at the moment....

... The other day I went to the Jeweller Suppliers and bought a whole bunch of chemicals.
Whith the intention is to treat different metals and get exciting, interesting and beautiful effects.
I have been playing with patination- oh so fun. ( I will share another time)

But today I pulled all the stops!
Today I did some etching.

Now according to most people (the jewellery designers I spoke to) : it's not easy, but the chemicals - oh the chemicals! what dread! ----- I thought to myself; Acids are daily bread for a chemist, it surely cant be too bad..., went to library and got a book out. (its how I deal with something I wanna learn)

So Today - Today was the day:
I encountered no problems at all, it's really simple chemistry...
The pieces came out great- and I am so excited to do more- and once I find some Stop-out-fluid the sky is the limit

So Today:
The scientist in me feels totally professional and I am totally enjoying it.
The artisan in me is pleased with the effects and I am thinking up a thousand and one things I can do...

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Cindy said...

you have been blessed with the perfect combination of science and art with beautiful results! enjoy your weekend!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Good on your for tackling something new! I did a little etching work when I was doing VA electives at college - and it was great fun! :) I think your pieces turned out really well!

Dionne said...

That sounds like so much fun - experimenting and being creative! I love this!


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