Monday, April 25, 2011

Review of my Week

Review of my Week # 16

Week 16

It was the week of iphonography- well at least as far as obsessions go. I got totally hooked on my iphone camera- hipstamatic and Instagram to be exact- oh if there are any other really good apps like that, please don't tell me at this point... tell me in a couple of months....- I have morphed into one of these horrid people, who can spend hours looking at their phone! I remember reading this post- and shrugging it off, thinking its not my kind of thing. Well, this week I discovered - It is!
On another note it was the week when Autumn seemingly stopped by for 5minutes to leave the Cape for Winter to step in. And (this is big for me!) I have been getting to terms with it. Oh even better I actually have been enjoying the rains and the freezing cold (15C at times!!) - my iphonography being an amazing help. (while looking at ones phone one does not realise how cold it is ;))
Are you on Instagram? I'm @ denizyildiz- pop by and say hi, so I can follow your photo journey too.


Dionne said...

Gorge pics! A wintry weekend, eh? I can't imagine that with all this humidity here in Houston!

I have never used the Hipstamatic app, but I think I should now! Love these pics!

Cindy said...

i love your iphone pics and wondered if it could take a nice pic. many of the iphone photos i usually see are kind of eh. not yours though!


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