Thursday, March 17, 2011

My creative space...


There are still 3 (old) unfinished knitting projects laying around.

-For my defence I should mention that I brought the number down from 6....
ok there are no excuses!-

To finally get done with these I joined a ravelry group called One Day a week UFOs (ravelry link). The purpose of the group is in the name. One choses one day in the week where one only works on those oldies that havent been finished in ages. I chose Thursdays, because Fringe is on TV Thursday... Hopefully soon I will have only current projects on the go.


Kylie said...

Well done on getting the number down to 3 - I should really come and join you over at Ravelry:)

Anonymous said...

Oh YAY what a good idea :) Good on you for getting half done!


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