Thursday, November 18, 2010

99 more to go


Day 266

My 365 Project is still going. Got 99 more days left. Which gives me a huge sense of achievement.

The project had two effects:
  • First : I think daily of photography, carry my camera everywhere (most of the time that is) see great snapping objectives all the time. Due to that I have pushed myself technically more, than I probably would have without it. - Should mention however, I am a complete amateur still and takes photos completely from my feeling and seeing, unlike many photographers I admire. They actually can use technique and merge the two into an amazing piece of art. - And I love it possibly more than when I started!
  • Second: I am feeling a bit devoid of inspirations. At times I take photos because I must not because I am inspired by something. So now I feel I somehow depleted my immediate surrounds... and that my photos all look a bit the same. Meaning I tend to photograph the same things over and over - and they are now accumulating. I noticed it last week and was considering to stop the project for a few weeks. But after contemplating I decided I shall try and finish it. However I can't see myself doing another year.
Realising that I am nearly three quarters in, gave me another boost, and I am now more positive about it. I will finish the project!
And to remedy the second , I will just have to go on a trip somewhere.... ( what a pity ;) )

Have you done a 365 Project? What are your experiences?
Here is a mosaic of Month 8
Enjoy your day


Cindy said...

i love your photos and don't think they look predictable or amateurish at all. you live in cape town for goodness sake and have a great eye. i've been doing a 365, but i don't try to take a memorable photo each day. sometimes, it's just a quick shot to stay honest. taking the picture fall class was really great because each day was a new theme. you're almost there! keep going and we'll enjoy the view!

Line said...

I think it's a wonderful project, maybe I should try it sometimes, great work!!

avant garde design said...

ooh, keep going you know why? because even if you took a photo of exactly the same tree or bush, or flower, because it's a different day, it would always look a bit different. so you might think what you're doing is boring, but in reality it's not. it can't be. every day is different. i have a 365 project i've been wanting to do also for some time, you've inspired me. have an excellent weekend!! ;)

;) said...

That's a great work, really8 I'm not sure to be able to bring to a successful conclusion the same project ;) Bravo.

Mari Mansourian said...

that's great that you stuck to it for as long as you have, keep it up almost there, i started a bit late and dropped out way too early...oh well maybe next year. my camera breaking i think threw me off, even when i got a newer nicer one still didn't have the kick to get back into it.
so congrats like i said you're almost there :)

Anairam said...

You may think you are an amateur, but your photographs are absolutely beautiful. I looked at your mosaic just now - I love how you picture the everyday objects - a paintbox, a cup of coffee, a strawberry. I must use my camera more. In the beginning (when I got it) I photographed EVERYTHING! Now I hardly carry it with me anymore. It seems so bulky, and I really use it now mostly to photograph specific items for my blog.


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