Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting back into the swing

summer on the way

The last few weeks were totally hectic, not around here that is. Here it has been dead as can be! AGAIN- this is becoming a really bad habit and I won't even attempt to make excuses. The last couple of days I have been feeling really sick (you know: when you not quite sick enough to stay in bed but not feeling well enough to get much done- that kind) - so instead of keep on running around I have been reflecting a lot. When things are too busy I have no inspirations- and no energy to be much creative. I have been taking stock- and made a giant to do list.... which made things some what worse, I wont be able to even start on my personal stuff until the end of the week, still got lots of loose ends to tie up and finish off things first. On the other hand taking stock, making a list made me hungry again for creativity and dwelling in the beauty of things.
Today I took my camera with me when I went to get some groceries and suddenly I started snapping again....seeing beautiful things, gorgeous colours, little funky details -- well, I will slowly get back into it and I hope that goes for blogging as well.
See you soon again,


Jesse said...

Sounds like we've been in a similar place! Glad to hear you're seeing things again.

Cindy said...

blog friends are just like cameras, they're ready to jump back in at the drop of a hat. funks are no fun because we worry that they'll never end ;). glad yours has eased and you're back in the mix. i missed your weekly wrap-ups and gorgeous photos. xo, c


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