Tuesday, June 29, 2010


moleskin 1

moleskin 2

Moleskin 3

I am taking part in an International Moleskin Exchange, which is organised through a Ravelry Group (Ravelry link).
Everybody gets a moleskin of their choice, then they are sent in a round system to each of the participants, everybody does a couple of spreads and at the end it will come back to the owner.
This is round four, my first time. So I doodled in the first couple of spreads. I also decided that I want a theme for it. Tomorrow it will go on its long way around the world. I cant wait to see what everybody comes up with!


Anna said...

They are beautiful doodles! What a great idea - I look forward to seeing what you get in return!

Cindy said...

oh, that sounds like the most wonderful project. your illustrations look terrific!

Karena said...

What a great concept!! I love this idea, and I am sure you will have a wonderful journal to explore.

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Beautiful! And great idea.

stephanie levy said...

your sketches are very beautiful :) what a lovely idea!


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