Monday, May 3, 2010

Discovering INK

I always admired ink drawings and a couple of weeks ago I decided to try my hand on it!
Some time ago, I got a nib and some ink for a little project I was doing


So I went to the Art supplies Store to get another nib and some more ink. Naturally I forgot the nib at home and since I have no knowledge about ink drawings I had no clue what kind of nib I had, for fear of doubling up I only grabbed a bottle of ink, I thought at least I would have two colours....


And yes! I got another bottle of navy acrylic ink! This meant I did sketches in navy:


First couple of doodles


I quite like the first one, but I don't really care much for the second one. While these aren't very great, they opened a little window- at least I had tried and it made me feel like it is possible.

Last week I got the navy ink out again:


two more sketches


Naturally they are not near as good as many artist's works but I do like them. I like the feel ink sketches have. I decided to get some non-navy ink and maybe even another nib. There will be certainly more exploring in this medium in the future.
Do you have any tips for ink drawing?


Julie said...

About a month ago I through my nibs (6) and holder and ink in the trash! OMG!!! I couldn't stand the messiness and unevenness of it all. But then again, I never did any ultra cool great sketches like yours either!!! I love them all.

Leenie said...

I LIKE what you've done. Keep going. No telling what can happen with such talent and tools. And share the results. Your work is prodding me to get out of a no-art slump.

aimee said...

way to go! i love these ink experiments!! :)

Jesse said...

These are lovely! My suggestions: if you find a nib you like, go back to the shop and buy 10 more. There's nothing more frustrating than getting to know the feel of a nib well, and then not being able to find more. And buy lots of different nibs, because you won't know if you like it till you've tried it! I keep a glass of water and a tissue on hand, to clean the nib while I'm working - they can get a bit gummy after a while.

lucylaine said...

wow!!! beautiful!!!

RosaMaría said...

looks amazing! show us more!

Anairam said...

I think they are beautiful - my favourites are the last two. What kind of ink do you use? I find those tiny bottles so expensive!

Cindy said...

i have no advice and think they look great!

Dionne said...

These are fantastic! So raw and organic. Such lovely lines!

Aris said...

I like the way they are all reaching upward. IT is spring here so I am thinking of the hopefullness of all of the plants and flowers reaching upward. I like the washes in the background too, I see a nice little face in the big washy shape in the last drawing.


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